Game Development with Java

This course engages students with little or no programming experience to create Java programs, 3D animations and games using proven interactive visual methods, tools and techniques. Participants are introduced to object-oriented programming concepts, terminology, and syntax, and the steps required to create basic 3d Animation, games and Java programs using the Alice, Greenfoot, and Eclipse interactive development environments.

Hand-on practices figure prominently throughout this course so students can experience firsthand the power of computer programming.

Total CourseDuration:15 Weeks (30 hours)
Course Hours Per Week:  2 hours a week
Course Fee – $300

Welcome and Introduction-(2 Hours)

  • Welcome
  • Introduction to Java and Tools

3D Animation With Alice 3 – (10 Hours)

  • Get started with Alice 3
  • Add and position objects
  • Use procedures and arguments
  • Add rotation and randomization
  • Use control statements
  • Use Expressions, Functions and Variables
  • Use Keyboard Controls
  • Declare Procedures and functions
  • Develop a Complete Animation
  • Correlating Variables, Data Types, and Expressions with Alice 3 Tools
  • Correlating Methods, Classes, and Other Structures with Alice 3 Tools

Java in Action with Greenfoot- (7 Hours)

  • Introduction and getting started with Greenfoot
  • Defining and using Methods, Variables and Parameters
  • Working with Source Code and Documentation
  • Developing and Testing an Application
  • Using Randomization and Understanding Dot Notation and Constructors
  • Using Sound and Keyboard Control
  • Creating a World, Animating Actors, and Ending a Game
  • Using Loops, Variables, and Strings
  • Understanding Abstraction
  • Putting it All Together with Greenfoot
  • Creating an Inventory of Java Fundamentals

Using Control Statements, Classes, Objects and Methods (5 Hours)

  • Using Scanner and Conditional Statements
  • Using Program Control Statements

Using Arrays and Exceptions(4 Hours)

  • Using Arrays
  • Sorting and Searching
  • Handling Errors

Classes &Objects(5 Hours)

  • Creating Classes, Objects, and Methods

Using Eclipse (Optional) (3 Hours)

  • Compiling with Eclipse – A First Program
  • Using Object Classes and Driver Classes
  • Programming with Data Types and Operators
  • Using Strings